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Starting your first live stream or event

Professional business broadcasting allows you to stream live and engage with your audience in real-time. Start your first live broadcast

  1. MainStreaming Media Manager | library Click on Library in the list on the left-hand side
  2. Click on MainStreaming Media Manager | add live in the menu in the upper right-hand corner and a Create Live box will pop up
  3. In the pop up, you will have to complete the following steps:
    • Choose either video or audio
    • Give your Live stream a title
    • Choose a start date for your live stream and a starting hour
    • Keep or change Continuous Live Streaming to a finishing date and time (continuous live streaming will continue until your live stream is done. Adding an ending date will not interrupt your stream and your live stream will continue to run until you're done)
    • Finally, you must give it a description before continuing

      MainStreaming Media Manager | modal create live

  4. After completing the steps above, you should then click MainStreaming Media Manager | create live and you will be redirected to the Live Details page
  5. Next, click MainStreaming Media Manager | add source and add the live source you would like to use to connect to your Live stream

    MainStreaming Media Manager | modal create live

  6. Once you've added your live source, you can now choose where you'd like your stream to be delivered from so you can deliver your content to your audience in the quickest
    • You'll have 5 choices:
      • Auto – Our system will dynamically choose the best location to deliver your content from
      • Amsterdam
      • Milan
      • Los Angeles
      • New York
    • Delay
      • Default
      • Low Delay
  7. Here if you are using your own encoder that's certified to work with MainStreaming, follow this guide and your encoders steps and start your live stream. In case you are streaming from an encoder software follow this other guide.
    Tips: In your media library, for the live stream, Video and Audio both have different icons to represent them in the list:
    • Video:
    • Audio:

Finishing steps

  1. Log into the MainStreaming Media Manager (in case you are not already logged in)

    MainStreaming Media Manager | finisghing steps

  2. Click MainStreaming Media Manager | save above the live sources section to save your current details
  3. To publish your live stream, click "Embed" and you can:
    • Copy the Iframe code and paste it on a webpage on your site
    • Email it to specific viewers
    • Copy the video or audio URL and share it with people to have them see it on the MainStreaming Player
  4. Now since everything has been set up and tested, when streaming from Icecast or Adobe, all that's left is to pressMainStreaming Media Manager | save for Icecast or MainStreaming Media Manager | savefor Adobe
Tips: If you'd like to edit your Player size or style or include a social share URL you will need to do it on the embed page