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Publishing Your First Playlist

Group your best videos together to create your first playlist and provide your audience with endless entertainment!

  1. MainStreaming Media Manager | library Click on "Library" in the list on the left-hand side
  2. Click on MainStreaming Media Manager | add playlist in the upper right-hand corner and a Create Playlist box will pop up
  3. You must then create a playlist name and choose a playlist type: One shot (plays through all videos in the list and stops after the last video) or loop (plays continuously without interaction from user)

    MainStreaming Media Manager | create playlist

    Tips: You can change this setting inside the playlist details page after it's been created.
  4. Then click MainStreaming Media Manager | save playlist You will then be automatically redirected to the Playlist Details
  5. To add videos to your playlist, you must click MainStreaming Media Manager | add video to playlist in the top right corner on the Video List Card and a pop up will show up in the center of your screen with the available videos that you can add

    MainStreaming Media Manager | embedding playlist

  6. Here, you can choose the videos you'd like to add to your list by clicking MainStreaming Media Manager | plus or search MainStreaming Media Manager | search for them in the top corner of the box. After adding all of the videos you'd like to have on your playlist, click MainStreaming Media Manager | cancel to close the box
  7. Next, click MainStreaming Media Manager | save in the menu above your Video List card to save your current details
  8. To publish your Playlist, you can:
    • Copy the Iframe code and paste it on a webpage on your site
    • Email it to specific viewers
    • Copy the video URL and share it with people to have them see it on the MainStreaming Player

      MainStreaming Media Manager | embedding playlist

    Tips: If you'd like to edit your Player size or style or include a social share URL you will need to do it on the embed page