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Publishing a video on the platform

Get started by publishing your first video and experience professional video hosting and 4k UHD streaming quality

  1. MainStreaming Media Manager | library Click on Library in the list on the left-hand side
  2. Next, click on MainStreaming Media Manager | add video in the upper right-hand corner and a new window will open
  3. In this window, click MainStreaming Media Manager | select video and choose the videos you would like to upload and select Open

    MainStreaming Media Manager | select video

  4. Now, click MainStreaming Media Manager | upload to have your video start loading the file to the media manager and after it is done loading, it will be highlighted in green on this window.

    MainStreaming Media Manager | upload video

  5. Close this window and return to the media manager.
  6. Here, you will see your video's status has changed to either Encoding or queued and waiting to be encoded
  7. Enter into the Video Detail page by clicking the video you'd like to view
  8. Review your video information to make sure it is correct and click MainStreaming Media Manager | embed video to get started with publishing it
  9. To publish your video, you can:
    • Copy the Iframe code and paste it on a webpage on your site
    • Email it to specific viewers
    • Copy the CDN URL and paste it in your media player
    • Copy the video URL and share it with people to have them see it on the MainStreaming Player

      MainStreaming Media Manager | upload video

Tips: If you'd like to edit your Player size or style or include a social share URL you will need to do it on the embed page