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Branding your content with a customized player

Create branded, premium user experiences across all devices!

  1. MainStreaming Media Manager | player Click on Player in the list on the left-hand side
  2. Here you will be presented with options to utilize a default player, add/customize your own and add your Logo. To brand a player to your needs follow the directions below:

MainStreaming Media Manager | player

Editing the Color

  1. Buttons & Background
    • Have more control over your player by editing the buttons and background color on your video player. You have 4 customization options:
      • Primary Color – The buttons, time and title will all show up in this color, throughout your video stream.
      • Active Color – When your mouse hovers over the play, sound or full screen buttons, this color will show.
      • Background Color – Background box on the bottom of the player with the buttons and progress bar.
      • Opacity – This determines how visible the buttons and background are on your player .
      • MainStreaming Media Manager | modal upload logo MainStreaming Media Manager | modal upload logo
    • To edit the primary color, active color and background color, start by
      • Clicking the colored boxes and either drag the circle across the color grid
      • Inputting the color code in the text section
    • Edit how visible the button, progress bar and background are by
      • Dragging the circle on the opacity bar left or right. Left being more transparent and right being more visible
      • To visualize any change, you make to the color selection, you must click MainStreaming Media Manager | save player after you've made your choice.
  2. Progress Bar
    • Edit the color of the progress bar when it is empty and when it is playing
      • While the video is continuing, this empty color will show up in the part of the progress bar that hasn't been played yet
      • While the video is playing you will see your set play color filling up the progress bar
  3. Additional Options
    • Show Title Bar in top bar
      • The title of your video will be seen in the top left of the video player if this is selected, if unchecked this will be hidden
    • Hide Player Controls
      • This will hide the progress bar on your player and allow you to keep users from advancing the video without watching it first
    • Allow replay at the end of your video
      • Give your audience the ability to replay your video when its finished