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Online in 3 steps: MainStreaming + Teradek

Live Stream your event with a Teradek device and MainStreaming

  1. Connect the Teradek device to the Internet via any one of the options below:
    • Plug in a 3G/4G modem with USB cable (C)
    • Connect to your router using an Ethernet cable
    • Connect to Wi-Fi by pressing menu (B) and follow the on-screen instructions.

      MainStreaming Support | teradek

  2. After turning on your device, enter into Broadcast Settings, press the menu button (B) and set Plat to Manual.

    MainStreaming Support | teradek

  3. After, enter into setup to input your live URL, Stream and Agent by following the directions below
    • URL: To find the URL, go to your MainStreaming media manager and click on MainStreaming Support | add new source in your live stream overview. Add your source and then click and a box will pop up, that will contain your live URL. (see example below)
      • You can modify the URL by data center and delay (event code and passcode is automatically generated)

        MainStreaming Support | rtmp url

    • Stream: mystream
    • Agent: Teradek Then move menu button (B) to the left to come back to Broadcast settings.
  4. Exit setup and return to Broadcast settings and select Quality. Here you will need to set up the ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) which dynamically adjusts the video bit rate of your stream in real-time to adapt to varying network conditions. To set it up, choose suggest and it will start testing your available bandwidth or you can choose one of the default settings.

    MainStreaming Support | teradek

  5. Next, connect your video input device.
    • This must be a video source: A camera, DSLR, etc.
    • Then turn on your video source and connect your Teradek to it with an HDMI cable.
  6. Once connected, the Vidiu status light will become blue. If not, check your device to make sure everything is connected correctly.
  7. Now, start live streaming by pressing the (A) button and when finished, press it again.
  8. Live Stream an event with your iOS smartphone or tablet
    • Download VidiU from iTunes App Store
    • Connect to VidiU network or join the same local network VidiU is connected to Note: if VidiU does not appear on your iOS device's WiFi network list, set VidiU's AP Channel to 2.4GHz
    • Launch VidiU app to discover your device on the network
    • Press the Broadcast button to launch your Live Streaming

      MainStreaming Support | download app