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Upload API

Upload Video

Upload Video

The method CreateUploaderSession permits to create a Upload session, that enables you to Upload video content on the MainStreaming platform directly from your systems, transparently at the users that are on your application, surf on your web site, or use your APP for iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Mobile.

The method returns an URL on which direct POST request of the file Upload; at the same time it is possible to assign the filename, and many other fields for the uploaded file. This permits, for example, to recognize to who uploaded the file by setting an ID from your system.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    "token": "MY_API_KEY",


token Specify your MainStreaming API KEY


<UploadSessionDTO xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
    "uploadPath": "",

The response contains the field uploadPath

You have to use the received URL in this field in a HTTP POST with attached the file that you want to upload. The URL can be used for a maximum of 1 upload, for only 1 file.

You can set many attributes sending the required valures through a POST requestri; you can use HTML tags INPUT of a FORM for the integrazione on your website.

Available POST parameters

filename Specify the filename to be set If not specified it maintains the uploaded file name
title Specify the video title
shortDescription Content short description, to be used for links through pages or Google SEO description
longDescription Full description (html chars are permitted)
tags Meta Tags, useful for SEO and related video search
protectedEmbed If set to true force the deliver of the content only after an API CreateSession request
referenceID Db Key value for this content on your systems
relatedLinkText Se posto a true consente la visualizzazione del video solo a seguito di una chiamata API
relatedLinkUrl Se posto a true consente la visualizzazione del video solo a seguito di una chiamata API
startViews Views start counter
fullUserName Full user name of the video content owner
uploaddate Date of the video upload (you can import youtube upload date for example)
customAttribute1 Customizable field 1
customAttribute2 Customizable field 2
customAttribute3 Customizable field 3
customAttribute4 Customizable field 4
customAttribute5 Customizable field 5
customAttribute6 Customizable field 6
customAttribute7 Customizable field 7
customAttribute8 Customizable field 8
customAttribute9 Customizable field 9
customAttribute10 Customizable field 10
CAUTION: Uploading a file with the same name or setting a new filename equal to a file present on the platform WILL OVERWRITE IT. This is the same behaviour of the MainStreaming Backend.